About Our Company

HYDROCRIMP is one of the best hose crimping machine manufacturers in Asia, established one manufacturer and one assembly workshop since 2003. With about 20 years of experience in studying and producing the hydraulic crimper machinery, HYDROCRIMP products have been widely sold to Europe, America, Australia and Africa, customers from more than 30 countries have used our machines and offer a favorable evaluation. Based on durable quality and competitive price, since 2012, HYDROCRIMP became the OEM factory for several brands in engineering machinery and hydraulic tool industry, now over 70% of HYDROCRIMP products are used for export.

Hose Crimping Machine Supplier

Are you looking for a hydraulic hose crimping machine supplier in your country? Why not try to import the cost-effective hose crimper from HYDROCRIMP. We have cooperated with many companies in different countries, become the oversea hose crimping machine supplier in Canada, South Africa, Australia, UAE and Poland, keep providing the durable and multi-use hose press equipment.

As a crimper manufacturer, we have a strong new product development capability, but also to tailor and develop various types of crimping machines. No need to waste your time and energy, we will be your best hose crimping machine supplier!

Our Advantage

Perfect Crimping Effect

Durable Quality & Reliable Parts

Professional Customization & OEM

Cheaper Price & Short Delivery Date

History and Story

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Have A Sales Network?

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No matter a store or a workshop, even sale hose crimper on craigslist will be profitable!

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