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2″ Hydraulic Hose Crimper Machine Catagory

  • Crimping Range: 1/4″ to 2″ ( 4 layers)

  • Accessories: 13 pcs of dies | Handle change tool | Lubricating oil

This is one workshop bench mount hose crimper, as a basic model, it can accurately fabricate the hose assemblies up to 2″ 4 layers even 6 layers, this crimping range includes most common flexible pressure hoses, garden hoses, car air conditioner hoses and Teflon hoses. The crimping operation just needs to be easily controlled with two buttons.

*The opitional accessories and parts allow this crimper extended to two other crimpers models.

  • Crimping Range: 1/4″ to 2″ ( 4 layers)

  • Extra: Emergency switch | Dies rack | Quick change tool

  • Accessories: 13 pcs of dies | Handle change tool | Lubricating oil

The P32U hydraulic crimping machine has 1/4″ to 2″ crimping capabilities, it includes the dies rack and a quick change tool, the dimension of the stand accords with the ergonomic design, the dies rack can support the machine body well, the operator can put 18 pcs of dies to the stand to save space. It’s a good assistant for hydraulic equipment maintenance shops and mines sites.

  • Crimping Range: 1/4″ to 2.5″ ( 4 layers)

  • Extra: Digital control panel | Siemens motor | Dies rack | Quick change tool

  • Accessories: 13 pcs of dies | Handle change tool | Lubricating oil

The P32NC is a piece of high-end multipurpose pressing equipment, it has one numerical control panel, all the operations even the crimped size can be finished with the digital board, As a high-pressure hose crimper, it supports pressing 2 inches 4 layers hydraulic hoses and 3-inch industrial hoses. The automatic mode can provide a serial production to pressing the hydraulic lines.

Industrial Hose Crimping Machine

  • Crimping Range: 1/4″ to 4″

  • Voltage: 380V/440V/660V

  • Accessories: 18 pcs of dies | Numerical control touchscreen

This is one 4-inch hydraulic hose crimping machine, the large openning and powerful crimping force allow it to crimp bigger hydraulic hoses and industrial hoses. It can also support a series production on small size hydraulic hoses assemblies. No matter straight or 90 degree fittings, no matter 4 layers or 6 layers hoses, this big machine can easily crimp them well.

Mobile Service Hose Crimper

  • Crimping Range: 1/4″ to 2″ ( 2 layers)
  • Voltage: 24V OR 12V

  • Accessories: 13 pcs of dies | Handle change tool | Lubricating oil

This is a portable hydraulic hose crimper, it can be connected with the battery of the hydraulic service van directly, offers mobile repair hoses onsite service. Even this compact crimper machine only supports 12V or 24V, it still has enough force to crimp 2 inches flex hoses.

  • Crimping Range: 1/4″ to 3/4″ ( 4 layers)

  • Operation: Hand pump

  • Accessories: 6 pcs of dies | Enerpac Pump

The manual hydraulic hose crimper is a lightweight crimping tool, the total weight is only about 30KG, however it can press the hoses up to 1″. This small hand operated equipment can be used without electricity, so it can offer the outdoor site service to maintain the small hydraulic systems or garden hoses repairing.

Hose Cutting & Hose Skiving

hydraulic hose cutting machine
  • Cutting Range: 1/4″ to 2″ ( 4 layers)

  • Special: Easy to move

The hose cutting machine provides one fast way to carve the tough high pressre hose, usually the hydraulic hose is made with rubber and steel wires, it is hard to divide if you don’t have a professional cutting tool, the hose cutter is a set of convenience equipment for one hydraulic repair workshop.

hydraulic hose skiving machine
  • Skiving Range: 1/4″ to 2″ ( 4 layers)

  • Accessories: 10 pcs of dies

The hose skiving machine is used to skive off the top rubber layer of the hydraulic hoses, to make the hose easily installed with the hydraulic fittings and sleeve. Just insert the hose into this machine, the process of skiving will be finished in 5 seconds. The range of application is up to 2″ hoses.

Hydraulic Hose Crimper Dies

hydraulic hose crimper dies customized


  • Customized size: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 78mm

  • Shape: Different shape can be forged as client’s request

Hydraulic hose crimper dies consist of 6 or 8 pcs segments, it is a necessary accessory when crimping the hoses, the dies need to be installed on the crimper before the operation, different sizes of hose assemblies are pressed with different dies, the crimping shape of the ferrules also determined by dies. Normally the crimping machine includes several standards dies. It can also be customized at the user’s request.

Dies’ Specification

Dies No.#Crimping range (mm)Length (mm)
6*6.0 – 8.055
8*8.0 – 10.055
10*10.0 – 12.055
12*12.0 – 14.055
1414.0 – 16.055
1616.0 – 19.055
1919.0 – 22.055
2222.0 – 26.070
2626.0 – 30.070
3030.0 – 34.070
3434.0 – 39.075
3939.0 – 45.075
4545.0 – 51.090
5151.0 – 57.090
5757.0 – 63.0100
6363.0 – 69.0110
6969.0 – 75.0110

What Is A Hose Crimping Machine

The hydraulic hose crimper is one type of equipment that used for fabricating hose assemblies. The basic theory is using the crimping force to compress the metal ferrule to the end of hoses tightly, the end of the hose will also be pressed, so that the hydraulic hose and the fitting inside can be connected.

How Does A Hose Crimping Machine Work

Please check the video aside, you will know how to use this machine and how does the hose crimper work.

What Are The Different Types Of Hose Crimping Machines?

There are different types of hose crimpers based on the purpose and crimping range, it can be divided to 3 basic types:

  1. Onsite crimpers, have small bodies, such as the manual-operated hose crimper, 12V or 24V vehicle-mounted hose crimper.
  2. Benchtop crimpers, refers to the hose crimpers connected with the workshop electricity or pneumatic power pump, bench mounted models usually used for repairing hoses or limited quantity production in the workshop.
    Generally, the maximum crimp size always is 1-1/4″ or 2″.
  3. Vertical crimpers, this type has a huge machine body, has the capacity to swage the high-pressure hoses up to 6″ even 12″.These big hose crimpers are used for pressing the special huge hoses, because of the quicker crimping cycle and stable repeatability, they also have a good performance for hose crimping volume production.

Based on our research and statistics, the most widely used crimping range is 1/4″ to 2″, if you desire to purchase a universal crimping machine, the 2 inches hose crimper machine may be a better choice, so select the most suitable crimping equipment to make your work easy.

Frequently Asked Question

Where to buy a hose crimping machine?2022-03-10T08:56:27+00:00

The quicker way is purchasing it from hydraulic hoses and equipment distributors locally.
If you want to get the cheaper one, then importing a machine may cost half than your local.

How to buy hose crimping machines from HYDROCRIMP?2022-03-10T08:57:36+00:00

Contact the sales to get the price of the machine tool you have an interest in.
Discuss the shipping details, trading term and payment term, the sales send you the invoice to confirm the order.
The buyer makes the payment, we package the cargo and arrange the shipping.
The buyer will receive the cargo in the set time, then clear the customs and pick up the machine.

What about the lead time?2022-03-10T08:26:32+00:00

The common machine is in stock, can be transported in 1 day.
The air transportation will cost about 4 to 7 days.
The sea shipping will cost about 20 to 40 days based on the destination.

How about the quality and warranty?2022-03-10T08:32:51+00:00

All our machines have CE and ISO 9001 certificates, we offer OEM service for many famous brands in the US, Europe, South America and Australia. The Standard of Production is from Europe, the clients can enjoy same quality with the local famous brands.
The warranty is 14 months from the ship sails from our port. We will offer free parts to the user if the machine gets a quality problem.

What accessories each machine includes?2022-03-10T08:44:40+00:00

Each machine at least includes the standard dies, the change dies tool, the foot pedal switch and a piece of the lubricating oil. All the parts are packaged well.

Do you offer customized service?2022-03-10T08:47:37+00:00

Yes, as the manufacturer, we can customize the big-size pipe crimper based on the client’s request.
The special hydraulic hose crimper dies can also be customized. If you have the smaller size of hoses, we can customize the 6mm,8mm,10mm,12mm dies for you.

If the machine has the manual instruction or the operation guide?2022-03-10T08:52:17+00:00

Of course, the manual is packaged with the machine, the technical service is always valid, we can also send you the guidance video.

Which hydraulic oil is recommended to be used in the hose crimper?2022-03-10T08:53:46+00:00

To make the press machine works well, we recommend you use the hydraulic oil from the Shell Brand. Use #46 oil in the summer, use #68 oil in the winter. We recommend you replace the anti-wear hydraulic oil semiyearly or annually.

If HYDROCRIMP hose crimpers support to fabricate 4 wires or 6 wires hoses?2022-03-10T09:08:08+00:00

Yes, all the workshop models support to swage 2″ 4 wires hoses, 6 wires hoses also can be finished in 3 times.

9 Tips You Need To Know When You Use The Hose Crimper

1. Make sure the motor connected the electricity in the right way, it is a common question for the new user, if the power is connected but the crimper doesn’t run, check if the fan blade in the motor rotates in a negative direction, if yes, then the wires are wrong connected. Correct the connection by interchanging two phase wires in the supply disconnecting device.

2. Before operating the hose crimper, fuel enough anti-wear hydraulic oil to it(check the manual), the oil should be new, if the oil is not enough, the crimping force may be insufficient or the crimper does not start.

3. Remember, the first time active the hose crimper, make the machine press nothing for several time cycles, the cycles will vent out the air in the cylinders, make the hydraulic oil goes to every part, the operation is good for the crimper’s service life.

4. Many problems of the crimper are because of lacking daily maintenance, every time after finishing the work, remember to clean the inner surface of the machine head with a brush, grease the lubricating oil to the master dies.

5. Generally, the number marked on the crimper’s die means the inner diameter when dies are gathered, so when the dial is 0mm, the pressed outer diameter of the hose assembly is the number marked on the die be using.

6. Install and use the foot pedal switch, only move your feet will control the machine’s opening and gathering.

7. Make sure there is no small foreign objects between dies or on the surface of dies before you use it, if the small objects drop down in to the main hydro-cylinder,it will bring big troubles.

8. From the crimping diameter chart on the electric box door, you can learn about the die set numbers and the corresponding crimping ranges.

9. To ensure the safe operation, wear the protective goggle and gloves, if you work a long time with the equipment, we recommend you put on the ear protector.

Hydraulic Hose Crimping Machine Price List

Below is a retail price list of the hose crimping machines, the list shows the bottom price and top price, the technology, accessories, quantity and customization may make the crimper’s price has a reasonable margin. The buyer can use this list as a reference for factory prices, these prices should be half cheaper than your local distributors.

Type#Bottom PriceTop Price
Manual Hose CrimperUSD$ 800.00USD$ 1500.00
12V/24V Hydraulic Hose CrimperUSD$ 2000.00USD$ 3500.00
Bench Hose Crimping MachineUSD$ 2000.00USD$ 4800.00
Vertical Huge Hose Crimping MachineUSD$ 7000.00USD$ 48000.00
Used Hose Crimper USD$ 1000.00USD$ 1500.00

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