portable hydraulic hose crimper
Crimping range10-87mm | 1/4″-2″ (2layers)
Max opening130mm
Crimping force1800KN
Protect gradeIp54
Die sets (standard)13 sets
Dimension (L*W*H)550*490*510mm

Portable Hydraulic Hose Crimper Dies Specification

Dies No.#Crimping range (mm)Length (mm)
6*6.0 – 8.055
8*8.0 – 10.055
10*10.0 – 12.055
12*12.0 – 14.055
1414.0 – 16.055
1616.0 – 19.055
1919.0 – 22.055
2222.0 – 26.070
2626.0 – 30.070
3030.0 – 34.070
3434.0 – 39.075
3939.0 – 45.075
4545.0 – 51.090
5151.0 – 57.090
5757.0 – 63.0100
6363.0 – 69.0110
6969.0 – 75.0110


“*” Dies are optional, not the standard dies.

Standard dies included are from #14 to #69.

The shape of dies can be customized.

Dies No. is P32006 to P32069.




HC-P32DC portable hydraulic hose crimper is a reliable crimping machinery to offer the hydraulic repair mobile service.

The compact design allows this crimper to be mounted in a narrow space, the support of direct current 12v and 24V makes it to be an able helper for the hydraulic maintenance vans.

Remarkably, P32DC is still a high-pressure hose crimping machine, it can offer the powerful crimping force to crimp up to 2 inches 2 layers hoses. Besides, the dies rack and quick change tool still can be optional.


  • Crimps up to 2 inch 2 layers hydraulic hoses

  • Support 12V or 24V
  • Compact design

  • Mobile service application
  • Quick crimping and retracted process

Details images

hydraulic hose crimper die base details

Top grade materials

hydraulic hose crimper REXROTH VALVE

Rexroth magnetic valve

portable hydraulic hose crimper details-1

Better connect clamp

Included Accessories

hydraulic hose crimper dies

Standard Dies

hydraulic hose crimper details manual change tool

Manual change tool

hydraulic hose crimper details emergency stop switch

Emergency stop

hydraulic hose crimper details lubricating oil

Lubricating oil

Optional Accessoties

hydraulic hose crimper details quick change tool

Quick change tool

hydraulic hose crimper details dies rack

Dies Holder

hydraulic hose crimper details foot pedal switch

Foot Pedal

Crimping effect display

repair hydraulic hoses

Perfect crimping effect

crimping hydraulic hoses

Special crimping request

Operation video